Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We represent clients in State and Federal court in Indiana and Illinois as well as administrative proceedings, arbitration, and mediation.  Our litigation practice focuses on Real Estate Transaction Law, Banking Law, Business & Corporate Law, Commercial Law with a strong emphasis on Personal Injury.  Our attorneys have a breadth of experience in handling serious personal injury and wrongful death cases.  Our representation can involve many different types of matters, including:

  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate transactions
  • Corporate and commercial transactions
  • Banking and Commercial Mortgage foreclosures
  • Breach of contract
  • Business torts
  • Creditors’ rights
  • Unfair competition
  • Employment issues
  • Personal Injury

We encourage all of our clients to take proactive steps to minimize litigation risks, so we actively pursue pre-litigation solutions including negotiation and mediation whenever appropriate.  In every case, we consider Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) options to reduce client exposure costs and improve efficiency.

Attorney Higgins is a Registered Civil Mediator in the State of Indiana.  Having attended additional educational training in Mediation and Dispute Resolution, Tom can conduct Mediations or Arbitrations on a variety of legal matters at your office or ours.  We are conveniently located close to the Indiana-Illinois line on U.S. 30 in Dyer, Indiana. Click on the link to Schedule a Mediation and let us facilitate a resolution for you.

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